Exploring East Ballard – NW 67th

IMG_5895The next street on my travels is NW 67th. This street is predominantly residential except for the very west side between 14th and 15th where you’ll find the back side of Ballard High School and The Capt William R Ballard Pool.

We’re pretty luck to have our own indoor swimming pool in our neighborhood. To be honest, I’ve never had the nerve to go inside due to my some strange unseated fear of chlorine and bathing suits. I’ll get there someday and I’m sure I’ll have a great time. History Lesson. Do you know who Capt William R Ballard was? Well, of-course he’s who Ballard was named after. He’s actually one of the founders of Ballard and was responsible for platting the town in 1892. He ran a small shingle mill and was captain of a ship called The Zephyr. We also share the same birthday, so I feel a slight kin to Mr. Ballard.

It was a Saturday, so I was able to capture a friendly game of football. Little known fact. The athletic field is open to the public when school is not in session. The Parks and Rec dept has priority for organized events, but any other time the gate is open, you can use the track and field. So who’s up for a few wind sprints next weekend?

Across from Ballard High, I found this interesting perspective of a Town Home Row. As requirements for density increase, town homes have been our community’s response to this need. I’m not making a statement either way about these developments, just expressing that I couldn’t truly provide a good representation of East Ballard without including them.IMG_5900Now, on to to front yard whimsy. This adorable bear is in such a beautiful woodsy-ish locale but unfortunately cannot roam free due to the massive rebar attached to it’s body. Poor bear.

IMG_5901 IMG_5909
And of-course, no chance of getting lost along this street for the cairns  and butterflies guiding my way.

The bright green adirondacks, white picket fence, pink house and wheelbarrow planting took me back home to the rural south where I grew up. A very peaceful oasis in the middle of the city.

Check out the rest of my pics from NW 67th and previous at the east ballard flickr photostream.

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