March 11, 2010 – Steering Committee Meeting

Agenda for ebca steering committee meeting agenda for Thursday March 11th 6:30pm, St. Alphonsus School, open to the public.

1. Prepare presentation for Groundswell NW Annual Meeting which will be this Sunday 7pm at Loyal Heights Community Center.

2. Get started on applying for annual permit for planters.  Needs to be done by end of March.

3. Firm up date to pick up planters and schedule with SDOT to have meeting onsite to talk about placement.

4. Nail down work party dates for planting partnerships project

5. Assign tasks needed to complete the Parks Opportunity Fund Application due April 2nd

Dawn, Shannon, Linda, Fiona, Laurette, Kelsey, Robin, Zack, Shannon, Ulysses (community organizer in training)

ToDo items  recorded based on working through the agenda:


  • Coordinate site visit with Jennifer for the week of April 5th
  • Contact Durastone about recommendations for drilling drain holes in the planters
  • Ask Joshua if we could pick up planters from Sunny Jim in the morning the week of March 22nd
  • Contact Pipo at EarthCorps about watering service:
  • Edit funding pages in powerpoint presentation to be more concise (complete by this Sunday)
  • Update Peter on the meeting and discuss set up meeting on this weekend to finalize presentation


  • Work with Dawn to finalize the planting partnerships schedule and give to Linda and Robin by mid next week so they can coordinate volunteers


  • Apply for permits any time between now and 2 weeks before April 17th (the sooner the better)
  • Talk with Peter about weed eradication plan for median ends.
  • Coordinate with Kelsey and Dawn if plan to lay burlap under gravel
  • Find out from SDOT how we get the “no parking from 8am to 5pm” placards and also find out what more we need to do for closing down the medians, e.g. would we need to coordinate towing if a car is in the way?

Linda and Robin:

  • Coordinate volunteers using the pledge list. Linda has a copy of the Excel Spreadsheet. Peter also has a group of 6 people from his office that want to volunteer for a work party event.


  • Email photos to Dawn from tonight’s meeting
  • Bring camera to Sunday’s Groundswell NW Annual Meeting


  • Coordinate with her sons to post flyers on cars, telephone poles, and doors of homes surrounding medians where there will be no parking allowed during delivery days.


  • Create flyer that will be posted on cards, telephone poles and doors of homes surrounding medians that explain the project and when they will need to move their vehicles.
  • Meet with Peter to finalize talking points for presentation. Dawn to coordinate with Peter.


  • Contact Shannon about getting involved with the plant selection/purchasing committee

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