What is EBCA?


Who we are
We are neighbors just like you having fun building our community.

Our Mission
To build strong working relationships & facilitate communication between you & your neighbors, local businesses, organizations & institutions. We strive to enhance the quality of life & a sense of belonging in East Ballard.

Events and Adventures
The EBCA organizes events that bring the community together. August Night Out, Adopt-A-Street Cleanups & Gardening events in April & October have earned permanent spots on our yearly calendar.

What we’re up to…
In addition to holding a seat on the Ballard District Council the EBCA actively represents the community’s interests to city government agencies as well as private developers. Thanks to funding from the Seattle Parks and Green Spaces Levy, and support from our fiscal sponsor, Groundswell NW, design & development of the 14th Ave NW Park Boulevard will soon be under way.

Got Skills?
Do you enjoy planning events? Born to scribe? How about counting money? Enjoy getting the word out? Have a green thumb? Bursting with great ideas for a project or event? Have some time? Let’s talk!


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