December 10th, 2009 Planting Partnerships on 14th Ave NW Meeting Notes

Shannon Dunn, Dawn Hemminger.  Rob Mattson and Laurie Ames from Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods. Jennifer Britton and Joshua Erickson from Seattle Dept of Transportation.

The purpose for this meeting was to get all of the loose ends coordinated so that we could be ready to sign the Department of Neighborhoods grant for the planting partnerships project. The following is a list of To Do’s. I will also update this page in blue as folks respond to their To Dos.


  • Revise the budget to reflect the recent gravel donation from Salmon Bay Gravel and soil donation from Cedar Grove Compost and send revised budget to Laurie.
  • Find out from Cedar Grove Compost if they can get a CAM2108 permit for installing soil for our project. Update: Chris Cunningham from Cedar Grove advised that a 3rd party company has agreed to deliver soil. He will ask them if they have a CAM2108. He’s pretty sure they do, because they do a lot of contracting with SDOT. Chris also advised that their potting soil is 70% compost and 30% additives that they need to purchase. He asked if we would be willing to split the cost of the additives. That half would be $1,350 for 80 yards. I advised that we had budget and would revise the allocations. Timing-wise, he advised that they would need a 10 day notice for delivery.
  • Ask Ellie Rangel at SDOT about possibility of adding bollards in additional medians to designate parking areas.
  • Send the following docs to Jennifer and Joshua:
    • email from Patty Quirk with permit info
    • Erin’s drawings of the planter layouts
    • draft agreement for removing planters
    • link to draft maintenance agreement


  • Ask Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel for the specs of the gravel they will be installing and if they have a permit for staging during installation. Update: Jennifer advised that if we used 58 minus diameter angular gravel, then no additional permitting/inspection would be needed. For staging, a CAM 2108 permit would work. This is a $100 permit that can be used for a year on all projects.
  • Find out from Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel if they have or can get a CAM 2108 permit for installing gravel for our project.


  • Send out the required paperwork for getting the DON contract signed once the revised budget has been received from us.

Jennifer and Joshua

  • Ask at SDOT to see if it would be possible to do any grading in the medians without added cost. We know this is most unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Look into what permitting would be required for our project. Update: Jennifer spoke with Rex Stratton at the permitting desk and he advised that there would be an initial $150 fee but probably no annual fees. For gravel and soil installation, the easiest route would be to see if Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel and Cedar Grove would pull a CAM 2108 single use or annual vehicle permit which cost $100 and can be used on all projects for 1 year.

    We will need an Annual permit- all planters will be housed under one permit. We have liability insurance, so this is complete. We will need to apply for the permits. Also if Cedar Grove does not apply for a single use vehicle permit CAM 2108, we will need to apply for staging permits accompanied by a traffic control plan.

Estimated permit fee’s to anticipate:
Annual permit:
$150 Field Review
$101 Issuance Fee (This will have an annual renewal of fee of $97; all the other fees are one time only)
$150 Final Inspection($75 for subsequent additional inspections)
$250-450+ Staging permit

Traffic operations will mark in the field the location for each planter. Then SDOT street crews will drop them off. There will be charges assessed for time and equipment. We will need to set up an IDWO with DoN to pay for crew and operations time. The cost the crew manager came back with is approx. $3,200.00. I realize that this is a significant number, but unfortunately we do not have funding to absorb costs. If you choose to place the planters yourself you will need to pull a staging permit plus inspection. There will also be an estimated $300 in traffic operations time to site and mark out for the planters.

  • Coordinate a maintenance agreement to be signed between SDOT and EBCA
  • SDOT  would like to surplus the planters to the community to have us purchase them at a nominal price. They cannot be “gifted”. This will also keep the city clear of liability, because our community will bear the responsibility in full since they are no longer a city asset (permitting and liability insurance). Jennifer is in the midst of coordinating this with the city surplus folks and is not sure of the entire process yet. This may or may not impact schedule and or costs.

Additional Notes:

  • If it turns out we need to pull permits ourselves. We should as for Rex Stratton at the permitting desk in the 700 5th Ave building 23rd floor.
  • If we choose to hire someone to do weed control in the medians, it needs to be done in the Spring when the seeds are sprouting.  Hopefully the new layer of gravel will do the trick, though.  SDOT will not do pesticide treatment for us. If we do hire someone, they need to be Washington State certified.

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