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May 29, 2020 MyBallard
Volunteers needed for 14th Ave NW spring clean

May 19, 2020 Loyal Heights Community Center Facebook Page
Short film on how to pronounce Gemenskap Park

October 24, 2019 MyBallard
Gemenskap Park Fall Festival happening Nov. 2

June 24, 2019 Kiro 7 News
King County launches new app to fight noxious weeds

April 29, 2019 MyBallard
Spring Fling at Gemenskap Park

November 16, 2018 MyBallard
City recognizes East Ballard Community Association for Gemenskap park creation

November 15, 2018 Seattle Parks and Recreations
Seattle Parks and Recreation announces 2018 Denny Award winners

September 25, 2018 MyBallard
13 years later, Gemenskap Park is now a reality

June 27, 2018 MyBallard
New Gemenskap Park waits for utility work

April 12, 2018 MyBallard
Gemenskap Park still on schedule

January 15, 2018 MyBallard
City to remove trees at Gemenskap Park site, new trees to be planted

January 4, 2018 MyBallard
After a dozen years of work, 14th Ave. finally getting a park this spring

March 18, 2016 King 5
NW Seattle Park Needs a Name

October 21, 2015 MyBallard
Park on 14th enters final stages of design

September 21, 2015 King 5
The roadside rain garden: Why Seattle is going ‘green’

March 3, 2015 Seattle Channel
Mayor Launches “Move Seattle” Transportation Strategy

January 27, 2015 Arcade
Triple-Duty Streets: Expanding the Definition of What Our Streets Can Offer

July 24, 2014 King 5
Local group looks to preserve open space in Seattle

July 31, 2013 MyBallard
Join the East Ballard Community Association Night Out block party

July 22, 2013 Ballard News Tribune
A waste or a boon?

July 1, 2013 Ballard News Tribune
A walking tour of East Ballard

May 7, 2013 KOMO News
Seattle taxpayers question $3 million price tag for tiny park

March 14, 2013 Ballard News Tribune
Three projects move forward for Neighborhood Park Street Fund

February 13, 2013 MyBallard
East Ballard is rain garden ready

February 11, 2013 Ballard News Tribune
Roadside rain gardens coming to East Ballard?

December 6, 2012 KOMO News Ballard
EBCA aiming for city funds for new 14th Ave. N.W. crosswalk

November 8, 2012 Town Hall Seattle
How To Grow a Park IgniteSeattle 18

May 17, 2012 KOMO News Ballard
Update on 14th Ave. Park from Councilmember Bagshaw

May 2012, Sally Blogshaw (Sally Bagshaw’s Blog)
Ballard’s greening of an old streetcar line: 14th Ave NW Park Boulevard

May 11, 2012 King 5 News
A Question of a Park or Parking in Ballard

May 6, 2012 King 5 News Up Front
Seattle Parking

May 2, 2012 Publicola
Seattle Times Turns Park Discussion into “Battle Over Parking”

May 2, 2012 MyBallard
14th Ave NW park plan leads to conflict over loss of parking spots 

May 2, 2012 Seattle Times
Plan for new Ballard park stirs up battle over parking 

April 2, 2012 KOMO News Ballard
Slower speed limit coming to 14th Ave NW 

March 29, 2012 Ballard News Tribune
EBCA gets its desired speed reduction for 14th Ave NW Park Boulevard project 

March 5, 2012 Ballard News Tribune
Groundswell recognizes the 14th Ave NW Boulevard as their “Park of the Month”

January 25, 2012 KOMO News Ballard
At 14th Ave. Park meeting, residents willing to sacrifice parking for park

January 23, 2012 Ballard News Tribune
Green space advocate Dawn Hemminger creates a sense of belonging in East Ballard

May 25, 2011 Westside Seattle
At Large in Ballard: Counting the fish

August 2, 2011 MyBallard
Photos from ‘Night Out’ Block Parties in Ballard

April 18, 2011 MyBallard
A little color added to 14th Ave NW

April 18, 2011 Ballard News Tribune
Something fish has arrived on 14th Avenue NW

March 15,2011 MyBallard
NW 60th May become a little brighter

March 9,2011 KOMO News Ballard Blog
Neighbors look to art up East Ballard Intersection

March 3, 2011  KOMO News Ballard Blog
Bagshaw wants changes to community centers, bike infrastructure

February 18, 2011  Ballard Historical Society Blog
Spotlight on East Ballard

February 2011 Groundswell NW Annual Report
Creating a Park Boulevard on 14th Ave NW

December 14, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
$1.5 million for a Park Boulevard on 14th Avenue NW

December 8, 2010  KOMO News Ballard Blog
Busy Ballard street moves closer to becoming park boulevard

December 2010 Seattle Magazine
Best of 2010 Arts Award for “Art on the Fence”

October 1, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
Update on 14th Ave Planter Project

August 5, 2010 Jean Godden’s Blog
It Takes a Neighborhood

July 15, 2010 MyBallard
District council recommends projects for funding

May 18, 2010 Dept of Neighborhoods Press Release
East Ballard sprouts planter boxes on 14th Avenue N.W. Community members utilize Neighborhood Matching Fund for area improvement

April 17, 2010 MyBallard
14th Ave a bit greener thanks to volunteers

April 17, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
14th Ave planter project takes shape

April 15, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
Ballard gardener paves way for 14th Ave. beautification

February 12, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
Neighborhood activists form a bond, build a community

February 11, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
East Ballard awaiting funding for park boulevard demonstration

February 9, 2010 MyBallard
Ballard watching Belltown’s boulevard project

February 9, 2010 Seattle Times
Belltown boulevard could be completed by early next year

January 15, 2010 Ballard News Tribune
Councils names top neighborhood projects for Bridging the Gap Levy

December 18, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
East Ballard using planters to build community

October 31, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
East Ballard receives nearly $15,000 for planters

September 24, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
East Ballard neighbor efforts pay off with traffic circle

July 22, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
East Ballard moving ahead with planters for beautification project

July 21, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
Ballard neighborhoods join in on August Night Out

July 1, 2009 Feet First
East Ballard in Action: A Saturday Morning Tour

June 22, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
Resident uses passion, dogs to recreate history of East Ballard

June 13, 2009 MyBallard
Big turnout for first East Ballard walk

June 13, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
Video and Slideshow: Residents see the sights in East Ballard

April 25, 2009  Ballard News Tribune
Beautification project creates unity for East Ballard

April 18, 2009 Ballard News Tribune
Spring cleaning builds community in East Ballard

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