May 17, 2012 EBCA Steering Committee Meeting Notes

Special guest: Andrea Gousen from the UW Green Futures Lab

Andrea’s team is applying for an Open Spaces Sacred Places grant offered by the TKF Foundation. They are one of 11 finalists for this national grant and plan to use the grant money to create 4 green spaces along waterfronts at Seattle street ends. The small street end park and boat launch at the south end of 14th Ave NW in East Ballard has been selected as one of these 4 spaces. Why 14th? Andrea explained that this space shows a unique slice of Seattle  that represents the unique balance in Ballard between industrial, commercial and residential. Andrea’s team needs to submit a full application including design and is asking the EBCA for community support and assistance in gathering the information needed for the grant.

Action items for EBCA to provide Andrea by June 9:

  1.  List of funding opportunities that the UW Green Futures Lab or EBCA could apply for to leverage the TKF grant. e.g. Parks Levy opportunity funds, neighborhood projects funds, Washington state water grants, Starbucks, Dept of Neighborhoods. (Dawn)
  2. EBCA steering committee to conduct a site visit May 29 6pm (team)
  3. Write a letter of support on EBCA letterhead (Dawn/Shannon?)
  4. Contact the Maritime Academy and ask the architect for their renovation project for a survey. (Shannon)
May 20, 2012 Agnes Meserole plaque dedication 9:15am:
Lots of work still left to do in preparing for the median for the dedication. Shannon, Steph, Dawn and Peter to further coordinate
May 21, 2012 Parks Levy Oversight Committee Meeting:
Shannon and Zack will represent
May 23, 2012 Meeting with Avalon Bay:
Dawn and Shannon are planning to attend. If you cannot attend, but have a topic to share, please share with those who are attending.

Parking in the park:
Tim would like to have further discussions about addressing the loss of parking in the 14th Ave NW Park. He will coordinate a meeting with Patrick at Parks to discuss this issue and if there’s a way the community can better address concerns.

Seattle Parks Levy Opportunity Funds proposal letter due June 11:
The committee agreed that we would go ahead and apply for funding in the next round of Opportunity Funds money to help pay for an additional block of the park. Seattle will draft a proposal letter.
Monthly Meeting dates and times change:
The EBCA Steering committee will now meet monthly on the 4th Thursday of every  month at 7:30. The next meeting will be June 21

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