Thank you. You made a difference!


Thank-you Brad, Shelby and Kelly!

Your Name Here,

Because of you and team mates all, Saturday September 19, was a high point in EBCA history!! Each of you contributed something special and essential to the success of Ballard Summer Parkways, EBCA Style. The invoices are submitted, the rentals are returned, the Hemminger Storage Facility is back in order, and the pictures are posted. Now it’s time for recognition. 

Find your name and accept your compliments with gratitude galore. Read the whole list and know who it took to accomplish this feat gracefully!!

Andrew  Thanks for your traffic management expertise and the physical work it took to get the proper signs set out. Donating the printed material for EBCA signs was generous of you. They’ll definitely get used again. Thanks also for offering the “grass” – though it wasn’t used.

Cameron  Voluntolds, You’re the best.  SYM (Strong Young Men) who don’t think twice about heavy lifting, your strength is priceless.

Chris  For all the figuring and problem solving that you do behind the scenes, for tech support in the field and for Go To reliability, you’re key. Building the Head-in- Hole frame was a monster contribution.


Thank you Sue, Ellen, Shannon, Peter and Charlie!

Charlie  Your enthusiasm and follow-through on the Idea Wall paie off. That question table was full all event long. Your willingness to pick up the slack anywhere is a great asset.

David and Cynthia  Sharing your space at Blowing Sands to pre-set displays and store supplies Friday night saved us valuable time on roll out the next morning. Your willingness to engage and support this neighborhood is exemplary. And, your lovely yellow walls make quite the backdrop for highlighting the activity.

Dawn  WOW The design and layout work that you did for posters of all shapes and sizes was outstanding.  Your Digital Diva skill saves EBCA so much time and money. That visual explanation of “Embrace Change” is brilliant. That you have this community’s back – and front and both sides – makes the mission a joy to pursue.

Ellen  For level-headed chiming in on planning, direction, and decisions; for showing up for Friday night (with the best hole puncher!); for displaying your beautiful fabric art all day Saturday – a big thanks!

Garreth  Thanks for showing up Friday night to work on the Be Tenacious wall. And for being tenacious getting those big drawings mounted!!

Jean  Thanks for showing up in the home stretch and helping with break down.


Thank-you Jeff!

Jeff   From day one, you have been an influential force in this  project. You planted the idea wall idea and you saw it through to a fruitful harvest. Thanks for so easily folding into the group.

Kelly & Geoff   You are the “We have that and we’ll go home and get it for you” best! From loaning equipment to the glass of lemonade offered to me, you were right there when needed.

Linda  Thank you for always protecting and planning, as well as posting those flyers before your trip. You are staunch east ballard stuff.

Peter  On Friday night with Garreth, Saturday morning with Cameron and throughout Saturday with Shelby you provide such a great example of the value of family in the community. Then there’s your role as The Catalyst for the 14th Ave NW Park  – awesome sauce! 

Shelby  You are always there with the goods to make the party official. And you are always willing to donate the goods!! You show up and get the job done seamlessly and with great style. Thank you a million times.

Steph  The Admit One hand out you created was a pleasure to give and take away. It did exactly what it was designed to do. Something to hand to visitors in welcoming, something to take away in memory of. You were present with each exchange.

Sue  For working on set up both days; for tidying the planted area; for picking up the balloons; for the lovely bouquet of flowers to mark the Meserole Memorial  – thanks a bunch!

Zack T  Thanks for the Admit One posters that were on the front door to the ‘Land of East Ballard’ and for imbuing the process with laughter and insight.

Zack N  Thanks for responding to the blog call to Help Us Out and ‘stepping up for set up’ on Saturday morning. You were a big help in the SYM category. Stay in touch.


Thank-you neighbors for coming out to play!

And thank-you to you, our neighbors, who joined us for a fun day in the ‘hood! We’ll see you next time!