Speak up to support 6th Ave NW Greenway at Bicycle Advisory Board Meeting Feb 1


The 6th Ave NW safety corridor that had been prioritized for safety improvements next year is now on hold for the foreseeable future — unless you act now!

Who: Anyone who lives, works, or travels near 6th Ave NW and wants their street to be safer
What: Send email to Mike.Obrien@Seattle.gov and/or make a public comment at a meeting of the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board (SBAB)
Where: Seattle Municipal Tower 5th & Cherry Room 3832
When: Wednesday, Feb 1 at 6PM

Talking Points:

  • Families and elders already use 6th Ave NW as a quiet, convenient street to walk through the West Woodland neighborhood
  • There is lots of fast cut-through traffic on and across 6th Ave NW. With just a small investment, an important neighborhood street will be safe for all ages
  • SDOT needs put 6th Ave NW back on the schedule to make it safer for our children and elders
  • 6th Ave NW is an important safe routes to school connector for Pacific Crest Elementary, West Woodland Elementary, Greenwood Elementary and St. John’s Elementary

Our community worked hard to get a safer crossing of NW 65th and 6th Ave NW funded through a neighborhood grant. 

Several community walks affirmed that 6th Ave NW was a slow street that families already use now to walk and bike to Pacific Crest Elementary, West Woodland Elementary, Greenwood Elementary and St. John’s Elementary schools.

This Wednesday, February 1 at 6PM is one of your few chances to get this project back on track and scheduled for safety improvements.

The Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board (SBAB) meets on Wednesday from 6 to 8PM in Seattle Municipal Tower 5th & Cherry Room 3832. Public comment is first on the agenda and you could leave by 6:30 if you didn’t want to stay for the whole meeting. SBAB will discuss the SDOT work plan this month and also next month March 1st, same location.

If you feel strongly that you’d like to see safety improvements to slow vehicles to 20 MPH on 6th Ave NW and cannot attend either meeting, you can write to your City Councilmember Mike O’Brien — he also chairs the Transportation subcommittee. Mike.OBrien@seattle.gov