A sneak peek at designs for the 11th Ave NW Shoreline Street End Project


Bird’s eye view

If you attended the 11th Ave NW shoreline street end project open house in January, then you’ll remember an energy-filled evening at the Ballard Library. During this evening, talented and enthusiastic UW students from Professor Daniel Winterbottom’s Landscape Architecture Design/Build class presented their design ideas to transform the 11th Ave NW shoreline street end into an inviting public space.

After the open house, Professor Winterbottom’s students returned to the classroom with your feedback and collaborated with Seattle Dept of Transportation’s Jennifer Wieland and Shannon Glass to develop a “final” design for the 11th Ave NW Shoreline Street End and Viewing Deck that will now advance through City’s permitting process.


Shoreline view

You’ll see that the “final” design blends aspects of many of the preliminary designs, including a maypole, a meandering pathway, a swing, and a deck with seating at the water’s edge. The design also includes a new fire access point for the adjacent property to the west and accounts for the turning radius needed by the business to the east. The design also incorporates bike parking, an ADA-accessible parking stall, and a wide variety of native plantings.

You can access the siteline drawings via DPD’s website by entering 3018782 in the Search by Number field. If you sort by Capture Date, you’ll find a posting from 2/19/15 called “Plan Set: Plan SetV3.” These are technical drawings rather than renderings.

The EBCA also has also been in touch with Professor Winterbottom’s class to receive site illustrations, a couple of which we’ve provided in this post, that will help you really visualize what this space will look like.

You are also invited to an event on March 13 to view the final designs and attend a panel discussion on design education, its form, experimentation, opportunities and constraints, and a student’s perspective.

11th Ave NW Shoreline Street End Presentation and Panel Discussion
Friday, March 13th 12-1:30pm
UW Campus, Gould 110
A Poster for this event is here.

Once permitting is complete, the students will be ready to build and we’ll be asking you, our neighbors, to come out and help with the build and help us steward this little slice of public open space for us all to enjoy.

If you’d like to learn more about this project, please contact SDOT’s Shannon Glass (shannon.glass@seattle.gov or 206-375-1181).

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