Join us this Saturday to install salmon-inspired art in the neighborhood

As part of the ongoing East Ballard roadside rain gardens project, the folks at Antioch University have teamed up with India Carslon’s students at the Ballard High School to create salmon-inspired painted signs to be installed in the planting strips along 11th Ave NW between NW 65th and Market St that follow the route of the creek that flows under the street.

If you’re interested in learning more about these discoveries and just need a good excuse to get outside and spend time with neighbors, join us:

East Ballard roadside rain gardens art installation walk
Saturday 11/16 2pm (or 1pm if you want to help assemble the signs)
Meet at the Ballard High School Greenhouses on 15th Ave NW just north of NW 65th.
We’ll walk from there with the Salmon signs to 11th to begin installation. Got a rubber mallet or a wagon to help carry the signs, please bring! contact Cari Simpson for more information.