Show your support to bring Gigabit high-speed Internet to East Ballard

Seattle is the 2nd city behind Chicago to join Gigabit Squared’s groundbreaking 21st century broadband project

This past December the city of Seattle announced a partnership with Gigabit Squared to bring another option for high-speed broadband Internet access to 12 demonstration neighborhoods in Seattle. Due to high demand from residents and businesses, they have added Central Ballard and West Seattle to the list of neighborhoods, bringing the total to 14. Unfortunately for East Ballard residents, the eastern boundary of the area that will receive service is 17th Ave NW. However, Gigabit Squared has stated that the boundaries are flexible and that the service area will be expanded throughout the city according to neighborhood demand. If you are interested in this service for your home or business, please  sign up here to show your interest and stay informed when it will be available. More signups means a greater chance of East Ballard becoming a high priority!