Donate your Ballard Market receipts

Over the years, The Ballard Market has provided incredible support to the East Ballard Community Association by donating food for our events and gift certificates for our raffles. Two years ago, The Ballard Market stepped up their support by also donating 1% back from receipts we collect from the community.

So far, the EBCA has received $4,000 from the Ballard Market (that’s $400,000 worth in donated receipts!) to support projects like the planters on 14th Ave NW and the future 14th Ave NW Park. In turn, the EBCA has donated 6% to Groundswell NW (our fiscal sponsor) to support their general fund. It’s incredible how a little sheet of paper saved from the recycle bin can make such a big difference to the community!

If you shop at The Ballard Market and want to make a difference by supporting the EBCA and Groundswell NW, then please save your receipts and drop them off at Blowing Sands Glass at 5805 14th Ave NW, bring them to the next EBCA or Groundswell NW event or mail them to Groundswell NW, Attn. East Ballard Community Assn,  at P.O. Box 17163, Seattle WA 98127. We’ll do the rest!

If you’d like to make an even bigger difference, please consider  making a tax deductible donation to Groundswell NW today and support their mission to create and preserve parks and habitat in Northwest Seattle.

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