Thank-you Dirt Exchange


Outstanding service is the “gift with purchase” offered when doing business with Dirt Exchange . Located at 1515 NW Leary way this company is locally owned and operated.

Owner Gary was a pleasure to speak with when asking for support for an EBCA community project recently completed at 14th Ave NW & NW 58th St. The median at that crosswalk was being renovated, beautified and made environmentally sustainable in preparation for a dedication ceremony that took place on Sunday May 20 –more on that successful event in the following story.

Support from the Dirt Exchange came in the form of a quality product delivered on schedule, for a generous discount. As the only source of revenue for the EBCA is those Ballard Market receipts neighbors turn in for a 1% rebate, his generosity is greatly appreciated.

A weeding war in the median was waged over several days, removing by hand all traces of unwanted growth. (Those were your neighbors you saw out in the orange vests,  not a chain gang or SDOT crew!)


Once the weeds were all cleared, a beautiful women drove up in the Dirt Exchange truck to deliver 8 yards of topsoil. Brittani, the ownerʼs daughter who you see in the pic above, was a skilled and efficient operator. Watching her back a dump truck into the median between the oak tree and the sculpture was inspiring.

The outstanding service began with her willingness to dump the soil in several smaller piles making the spreading job much easier and faster. It got even better when she agreed to allow an hour for us to spread the topsoil before delivering the four yards of mulch that layered on top.

If a single action distinguished this first experience using Dirt Exchange it was Brittani noticing the couple of remaining bags of yard waste sitting by the curb and hefting them into the truck and whisking them away. After days of hard labor this act of kindness is unforgettable.

Be sure to check out the Dirt Exchange Facebook page. Brittani updates their page and has been known to offer discounts and just last Saturday was even offering free Hemlock seedlings.

Shannon Dunn is co-chair of the EBCA and newest contributor to the East Ballard Community Association blog.

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