Exploring East Ballard – NW 65th

IMG_5962Ok, so I have to admit, I really wasn’t looking forward to walking along NW 65th this morning. It’s a noisy, busy, gritty street flanked on the west side by Ballard High School and Zesto’s and on the east by a small, yet thriving neighborhood business district that I frequent often. I’ve walked up and down this street a zillion times and I didn’t think I was going to see anything new or interesting. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised.

First of all, it was probably the most gorgeous day we’ve had yet this year, so that helped my attitude quite a bit as a started my walk. And what could possibly be brighter than the sun today? Well, I believe this awesome fence would be in the running!

IMG_5965On a slightly grimmer note, I couldn’t walk along 65th without photographing the Lubert Family home that burned down this past January. The little statue watching over the home is so sad and beautiful standing sentry out front. If you would like to help out this family of 8, who lost their home to this fire, you can make a donation to the “Charitable Foundation for the Lubert Family” at any Key Bank location.
IMG_5969 IMG_5970

Along my walk, I found some great opportunities for that right person or group to take on the challenge. Near the corner of 65th and 7th, there are 2 lots that have been for sale FOREVER. Wouldn’t this space make a great Park Plaza? And what about this little dead end space right next to Cafe’ Bambino? It’s definitely a graffiti playground right now. I’m thinking a hidden mural or two on these walls would be really cool!

I quickly fell in love with this little apartment container garden. I chatted with the owner and played with his dog a little while taking pics. He said to come back in the Spring when everything’s blooming.
Challenge: Can you find the hiding pink flamingo?



The Ridgeback Cafe’ is definitely livening up the sidewalks on Sunday mornings. Folks were also drinking coffee on the deck of Cafe’ Bambino, hanging out at the Reading Gaol and the Dray and folding laundry at the laundromat. However, some four legged animals were taking life a little slower and catching a few rays of sun. We should take a cue from this cutey.




Lastly, a little street art near the Ballard High School. Next time you’re on 65th, take a stroll on the Ballard High School Campus. I’d love to find out the story behind their painted trash cans.

Check out the East Ballard Flickr site for more photos from my walk along NW65 and previous walks!

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