Big Planting Day this Saturday – Be there for your community!

Planting Partnerships on 14th Ave NW Planting Event
Saturday May 8th 10am-2pm
Sign in at Blowing Sands Glass 5805 14th Ave NW

When you read about the events I write about in this blog, you may be getting the  impression that we’re overwhelmed at all of our work parties with so many neighbors, we don’t know what to do with them all. But, to tell you the truth, the majority of this project has been made successful by just a small handful of incredibly  committed neighbors who have invested many many many hours in all types of weather and strenuous conditions to make our community stronger. These folks are my heroes and have become very good friends on whom I can rely.

I encourage those of you reading this to please come out this Saturday from 10-2 on 14th Ave NW between NW59th and 63rd to help us plant the remaining planters. If you can’t stay to help, then please take the time to walk over and personally thank these neighbors who have become my guardian angels during this project.

Thank-you Shannon Dunn , my co-chair, my co-conspirator, my rock. You’ve helped organize every event with me, the relationships you’ve built with our neighboring businesses and schools and organizations to make this project successful are invaluable. We have many projects up our sleeves in the coming year and I can’t wait to work with you on them!

Thank-you Dave and Mary Jo Lisk who have helped out at almost every work party that has involved heavy lifting, strenuous activity or a truck! You two are amazing!

Thank-you Rob Matisse for corralling the volunteers, taking pictures and picking up a shovel when we needed you. You are always there for us when we need you!

Thank you Steph Shelton for all the professional help ranging from grant writing to plant selection to renting equipment to getting us permits plus so much more. Your calm approach to situations I would consider disastrous has kept the project moving forward.

There are so many more folks that you need to come out and thank this weekend, including Peter, Garreth and Cameron Locke, Linda Frank, Zack Thomas, Pete Taylor, Kelsey Hulse,  Matt Hervin, Dar Sozinho and my husband Chris Hemminger who’ve helped out numerous times and upon whom I’ve come to rely.

Thank-you to our local businesses and schools, too, including Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel, The Ballard Market, Cedar Grove Composting, Swanson’s, St Alphonsus School, Nervous Nellies, The ReStore, and Blowing Sands Glass.

This Saturday is not the end of the planter project. There will be more opportunities to get involved, but I encourage you to come by on Saturday and get your hands dirty. This is going to be the fun part! And don’t forget, your volunteer hours go toward a match on our grant! You have an opportunity to make a difference!

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  1. Hi, We have lived on NW 53rd b/tween 11th and 14th for 35 years, and we are thrilled with what you are doing to our street!!! We would be there tomorrow to help but will be out of town. I”m wondering what the chances are that we could extend that beauty further south down to the boat ramp at the end of 14th. We will do what we can to help if that is something that would be considered. I love the planters and wish we could be there to help tomorrow. Thanks a million and way to go! It’s just awesome!! Sue Foster

  2. Shannon,
    A big thank you for making my 85 yr old mother feel like a celebrity!
    You thanked her for her small patch of gardening @ the corner of 63rd and 14th NW…and sent the Ballard News Tribune over to get her photo in their paper. She couldn’t understand what the fuss was about-but loved the attention!
    We both think the planters are fantastic and wish to thank you and the rest of the hard-working crew for making our neighborhood beautiful.
    You are wonderful!
    Lucy Brady

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