Planter Recon


Speaking of having fun, last Thursday, Shannon, Steph and I went on a little planter recon mission. We had seen drawings and some small pics of our planters, but we wanted to see them, we wanted to put our arms around them. Only then, would we really be able to visualize our plans. Ok, I know, it sounds a bit kooky, maybe a little romantic, but I thought it was pretty cool to get to walk through SDOT’s “Sunny Jim” storage yard (named after the former peanut butter plant on Airport Way) where they store all of their traffic signs, a bazillion bike racks, those funky bike lane stencils,  barricades, and of-course, temporarily, our planters.

We fell in love with our planters on first sight! You could tell they wanted to make a good first impression by sitting so neatly stacked and surrounding themselves with brightly colored wildflowers. For you engineers, like me, these aren’t your everyday ordinary concrete planters. These are Glascrete Dura Stone Dresden Planters that are 5′ diameter and 17” high. From what I can find on the web, Glascrete (TM) is a simulated cast stone where polyester resin, fine aggregates and glass fibers are combined to provide the cast stone look. The green factor about glascrete is that the glass fibers come from post-consumer waste! Reusing recycled planters. Ya gotta love that!

Steph, me, Shannon & the planters

Steph, me, Shannon & the planters

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