Gemenskap Park awarded editors choice for best urban street redesign of 2018

As we mentioned at the end of last year, Gemenskap Park was honored with a nomination for best street redesign project of 2018 by Streetsblog USA.

We asked you to show your support by voting for our project and we greatly thank-you for casting 509 votes, which put us in 3rd place! We extend our warmest congratulations to the winner, Arlington VA’s Veitch Street with over 1,000 votes!

But wait! There’s more!

In what came as a pleasant surprise, The editors at Streetsblog weighed in and selected their own favorite from the pack and chose Gemenskap Park! In the article announcing the winners, Streetsblog stated, “Imagine the possibilities if more cities were willing to remove parking spaces to add green space”.

Thank-you Streetsblog for giving us some national recognition and thank-you to Dongho Chang, SDOT Chief Transportation Engineer, whom we learned, nominated us in the first place!

What a happy way to start the new year! So, get out there now and enjoy your award-winning park!