Update on Gemenskap Park


We heard from our Parks Project Manager, Toby Ressler, this week who shared with us some good news on the construction plans for Gemenskap Park. Here’s what we know:

  • As of Friday Oct 6, Seattle Department of Transporation (SDOT) has approved and issued the Street Improvement Permit (SIP) for construction of the park.
  • Construction start date is tentatively set for January 2, 2018, however, Seattle Parks are in discussion with the contractor, Jansen Inc., to outline the best time to begin construction while still providing safe pedestrian and vehicle accessibility on 14th Ave NW during construction.
  • Construction will require a 2-3 month detour route on 14th Ave NW between NW 58th and NW 60th.
  • Jansen Inc. anticipates completing the project in late spring 2018.

It looks like this is actually going to happen, and soon! We’ll continue to keep you informed as we receive new updates!

In the meantime, be sure to mark your calendar for Saturday Nov 4 10AM-1PM for our Clean Sweep event along 14th Ave NW. We’ll be posting an invite soon with more details!