What should we name the Park on 14th Ave NW?

It’s been quiet again on the 14th Ave NW Park front, but we did get some encouraging updates from the Parks Dept. this week that the Street Improvement Process (SIP) has started moving forward again and submittal for final approval to Seattle Dept. of Transportation should happen in 3-4 weeks. It will most likely be another 4 months after that before SDOT approves the design and allows permitting, which by this phase, should go more smoothly than in the past. At this pace, we’re looking at hopefully breaking ground near the end of this year (fingers crossed). In the meantime, the Parks Dept. feels confident enough that this Park is going to happen, that they’re ready to start taking names…for the Park that is!

What should we name the the Park?
Late last week, the Parks Dept issued a news release providing the opportunity for the public to submit a name for the 14th Ave NW Park. The EBCA plans to formally submit name suggestions before the March 31 deadline and would like to hear directly from you, our neighbors, what you’d like to name the Park. We encourage you to share your name suggestion on the EBCA Facebook page comments for this post with a short description of why you think it should have that name. If you like a name someone else suggests, than indicate that by ‘liking’ the comment. You can also email us and we’ll post the suggestion for you. We’ll keep you updated on the naming progress throughout the month!

Need some inspiration?
We asked at Ballard Summer Parkways in September what you’d like to name the Park and below is what we collected to help you get the ideas flowing. Please note that the City’s selection committee will be following some specific naming criteria which includes names referencing geographical location, historical or cultural significance, and natural or geological features. A park may be named for a person no longer living (deceased a minimum of three years) who made a significant contribution to parks and/or recreation.


We’ll keep you posted on the results and if you’d prefer to send your name suggestion directly to the City, here’s the contact info:

Paula Hoff
paula.hoff@seattle.gov or by mail to:
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Parks Naming Committee
100 Dexter Ave N
Seattle, WA, 98109


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