Come out to play and Do the ‘hood a solid on Saturday Sept 19


From 11am to 3pm,  on Saturday September 19, 14th Ave NW between NW 58th St and NW 59th will be closing to vehicle traffic and open to a party in the street celebrating Ballard Summer Parkways.

Enter the Land of East Ballard, visit the 6 stations on “How to Grow a Park”.
Leave knowing how to git ‘er done in any ‘hood. 

  • Share the idea – Become a part of park history by sharing your answer to “What’s the best thing about parks?” Decorate your answer to be displayed on the Idea Wall. Got a name suggestion for the new park? Share it here as well!
  • Team up – Browse the creative wonders of Blowing Sands Glass Studio, get to know uber-local artists, and acknowledge our community partners.
  • Be Tenacious – View the latest drawings for the 14th Ave NW Park, chat with our landscape architect from Mithun, and learn about the history of this 10-year-in-the-making park from neighbor, architect, and idea catalyst, Peter Locke.
  • Host events – Make a memory photo with friends and family faces poking through the Head-in-Hole Adopt-A-Street event scene. 
  • Embrace change – We didn’t get what we asked for, but we want what we got.
  • Celebrate – Sit and chat over complimentary lemonade or coffee in the Celebrate Cafe’.

Heaps of time and resources have been donated already by skilled neighbors and generous businesses. To pull this off successfully on Saturday, we need your help. 


Start accumulating points in the Solids Bank today. Pick a specific task at a specific time from the list below. Contact Shannon at to make it official then head out to play in the land of East Ballard.

 Day      Time  Task
Anytime!  Anytime! Groom east & west bioswales and Median at 14th Ave NW and NW 58th
Thurs or Fri  bet 7am & 5pm Pick up 12 delineator posts from National Barricade at 6518 Ravenna Ave, NE.
 Fri  after 4pm Sweep area around median and crosswalk at 14th Ave NW and NW 58th
 Sat  8-9am Pick up 24 helium balloons from Fred Meyer and deliver to 14th Ave NW and NW 58th
 Sat  8-9am Position 12’x6′ chain link fences for station displays
 Sat  9-10am Set up Celebrate Cafe’ – layout astroturf, set up cafe’ tables & chairs and position garbage/recycling/yard waste containers
 Sat  9-10am Balloon installation – distribute and attach per layout
 Sat  9-10am Sign placement – 6 station signs, Land of East Ballard entrance sign, signs for median memorial plaque and sculpture
 Sat  3-4pm Gather all mounted display materials from each station to central location
 Sat  3-4pm Gather all in-ground signs to central location
 Sat  3-4pm Secure all Alexander Rental equipment to central location: 6 cafe’ tables, 24 chairs, 2 bike racks, 2 pedestal tables
 Sat  3-4pm Gather all equipment borrowed from Kelly and Geoff: 2 folding tables, 10 folding chairs, 2 dog bowls
 Sat  3-4pm Gather 12 National Barricade delineator posts and return to 6518 Ravenna Ave NE
 Sat  3-4pm Take down canopies and gather in central location
 Sat  3:30-4pm Collect and secure fence panels when all mounted material has been removed
 Sat  3:30-4pm Tidy site and dispose of garbage/recycling/yard waste