Join neighbors Aug 22 to walk the proposed 6th Ave NW Greenway


West Woodland Neighbors & Seattle Neighborhood Greenways are co-hosting a walk along the proposed 6th Ave NW Greenway on Saturday Aug 22 meeting 9:30am at 6th Ave Pocket Park (NW 76th & 6th NW) *or* 10am at Cafe Bambino (NW 65th & 6th NW)

The purpose of this walk is to build enthusiasm and support for safety improvements along 6th Ave NW. Safety improvements serve everyone, but particularly children walking to the several schools and preschools located along this corridor and elderly people who have chosen to age gracefully in place in this neighborhood.

The three most difficult areas to address financially and from an engineering perspective are the street crossings at NW 65th, NW Market, and NW 43rd crossing at Leary Ave NW.

The walk will start at NW 76th and 6th NW and travel the Ballard Summer Parkways route that will go along 6th NW between NW 76th and 58th.

For those who prefer to start further south the group will meet up with people at NW 65th (Cafe’ Bambino) at 10am and will continue walking and talking down 6th Ave NW, pausing for a while to discuss crossing improvements possible on NW Market and on NW Leary. This 1.5 mile walk is downhill.

In order to build safe streets, people who live on the street need to advocate strongly for improvements.

Making 6th Ave NW safe for all ages & abilities is Seattle Neighborhood Greenways District 6 priority for 2015