Metro is proposing changes to the 28 bus you may not like – provide comments until May 31

If you rely on the 28 bus to get you from Ballard to Fremont or the South Lake Union neighborhood, then this proposal from Metro is worth a read and your comments. In addition to changes to support the University Link Light Rail, Metro is proposing to combine the 28X and 28 bus routes. At first glance, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea for downtown commuters, since frequency of the 28X would increase at peak hours, but there could be an increase in stops along 8th Ave NW, because the route will change from running along Market St, to running along Leary and 39th in Fremont instead. If you want to get to/from Fremont or South Lake Union, then it looks like you’ll probably have to make a connection (most likely on Leary) with the 40 bus.

The proposed changes on Metro’s site are not very detailed. They provide proposed route changes for the 28 and 28X but don’t provide proposed stop locations or information on how much longer the commute will be with the extra stops. We’re sharing this information with you to not only inform, but to ask you to provide comments to Metro before May 31. The survey is confusing and doesn’t directly address anything related to the Ballard bus route changes until the very end, so you’ll have to forward through to the end to ask your questions and provide comments relating to the bus route changes.

Note that there are some positive Metro changes being proposed for the Ballard area. If you’re a rider of the 44 bus, you’ll see some improved frequency in the future. There will also be a new bus 45 route from Loyal Heights to the University Link Light Rail.

Overview of the proposed Sound Transit and Metro changes
Metro’s Proposal
Proposed Route 28X changes
Proposed Route 28 changes
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