A great day for a Ballard Janes Walk


We had over 35 participants in this year’s Ballard Janes walk this past Sunday. We had beautiful weather just right for a 4 hour stroll to explore the nooks and crannies of a neighborhood deserving to be explored. A big thank-you to Stephanie Shelton with the EBCA, Cathy Tuttle from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways and David Ramsay from FeetFirst who co-organized this walk and provided great insight into what’s going on in our neighborhood along the walk. Thank-you to Shannon Dunn, Dawn Hemminger and Zack Thomas from the EBCA, Rhys Van Bemmel from UW and Catherine Weatbrook District 6 City Council candidate, for being special guest speakers.  If you didn’t make it out to this year’s Ballard Janes Walk, mark your calendar for the first weekend of May next year and look for walks at FeetFirst’s website.

Check out pics here.

Here’s what you missed!


Start: Hales Ales: 4301 Leary Way NW 11am
(1) 11th Ave street end park Design-Build (Rhys Van Bemmel/UW)

(2) Future Greenway on 6th Ave NW(Cathy)
(3) Traffic circle, alleys, mini-park with art at substation (Cathy,Dave/save our substations, Shannon)
(4) NW 58th Greenway (Cathy)
(5) 14th Ave NW Park-Boulevard and crossing compliance (Dawn/Zack/Stephanie)
continue on 58th
(6) 17th Ave NW Greenway/Ballard Urban Village Development (Cathy/Dawn)
(7) The SLUG community garden and little library: St Luke’s Urban Garden
(8) Ballard Commons Park/SNAP Emergency Preparedness/Ballard Opens Space Plan (Cathy/Catherine/Dawn)
(9) flashing crosswalk at 58th and 24th (Cathy/Dave)
(10) Ballard Farmer’s Market
(11) boat launch 14th street end (Stephanie)

End: Hales Ales: 4301 Leary Way NW 3pm