Design Review Meeting this Monday for Apodments in East Ballard



Date:           Monday, August 26, 2013
Time:             6:30 p.m.
Location:      Ballard High School Library,  1418 NW 65th St

This coming Monday, the City will be holding a Design Review Meeting at the Ballard High School for a high-density housing solution that is new to our neighborhood, yet exists aleady in other dense neighborhoods in Seattle and around the world. This housing solution is commonly referred to as “apodments” and, in this case, the structure planned for the site in East Ballard at 1426 NW 62nd, would be a 4-story structure with 27 units.

The City has invited the community to attend this Design Review Meeting and if you do decide to attend or provide comment, the EBCA wants to make sure you have all of the facts and understand the topics that are currently under discussion in other communities.

The following is a link from TheStranger to a very in-depth look at “apodments” that explores the pros and cons that are under discussion. It’s an excellent read that gets you up to speed:

Seattle Magazine also printed a very informative article last year here:

The following are detailed links and project description information related to the proposed building in East Ballard:

Land Use Bulletin information:
Permit status:
Property Owner’s Website


The proposal is for a 4-story structure with 27 residential units. Existing single family structure to be demolished.


The Director will accept written comments to assist in the preparation of the early design guidance through August 26, 2013. You are invited to offer comments regarding important site planning and design issues, which you believe, should be addressed in the design for this project.

Comments and requests to be made party of record should be submitted or

City of Seattle – DPD – PRC
700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000
PO Box 34019
Seattle, WA  98124-4019