Your input is important to improve safe travel across 14th Ave NW

Letter of support for a crosswalk at NW 62nd and 14th Ave NW
The East Ballard Community Association is applying for Seattle Neighborhood Street Funds through the Bridging the Gap Levy to improve safety for all modes of transportation crossing the north end of the median-divided intersection at 14th Ave NW and NW 62nd Street. The proposal will be for curb bulbs with rain gardens on the east and west sides and a marked crosswalk with a pedestrian refuge in the center. The proposed design will be similar to the crosswalk at NW 58th St and 14th Ave NW. The existing median would not be affected. Your input and support through signing this letter of support are important. We will submit this letter along with your response in our application to the City of Seattle on Dec 17, 2012.

Thank-you everyone for your responses. Input for this letter of support is now closed. Please contact if you’d like to provide additional input.


0 thoughts on “Your input is important to improve safe travel across 14th Ave NW

  1. Why at 62nd? There is a need for crosswalk at 64th. This is where the Ballard High School kids cross the street. I live on 14th , with a clear view of 62nd. This is not where the kids cross…never seen it. It’s too far south. The kids use the west side of the street. This is the route they take to the fast food restaurants on 15th, for lunch. Also, the crosswalk on 14th and 65th, is only on the west side. There is nowhere for them to cross to the east side of 14th at that intersection. They go a block down and cross at 64th.
    A crosswalk at 64th would make more sense, and be way more cost effective, since there is already a median in place.
    The EBCA really needs to consult with those of us who actually live on the street! I’ve been here for years and know it well.

  2. Thanks for your comments – I would support both intersections – please get involved – there are regular meetings, and your participation would be welcomed. Linda

    • Thank you for your response, Linda. This is a project that merits a public meeting. With all that’s come down in the last few years regarding the park, and the loss of over 90 parking spaces, I am very leery of supporting anything that will diminish anymore of it. We have very legitimate concerns as this has been our home for many years.
      I would support a crosswalk, without the curb bulbs and the rain garden. Keep it simple, with as little impact as possible.
      There is much more need for this crosswalk at 64th, or 65th, than 62nd.
      With the park being built, that has doubled in budget, I say paint the lines and create a crosswalk, simply and inexpensively! Perhaps spend the remaining funds on much need garbage receptacles, that could be placed along the street.
      It’s hard for me to attend the regular meetings, due to work. I’ll try to fit one into my schedule. Meanwhile, let the public know what the plan is for the crosswalk, and exactly how it will effect the parking situation. We should know this before being asked to vote for it.
      It’s time for the EBCA to compromise, and work with the residents of 14th Ave. NW. Please take into consideration the stress this has caused us over the last couple of years….I wouldn’t be writing this otherwise.
      Thanks, Ann

  3. Would the park make this un-necessary? I cross at 59th/60th a couple times a day on foot, and I can appreciate why a crosswalk would be nice, I’m not clear on why 64th is the place to do it, or if it would even continue to exist once the park moves forward?

    • Since posting, I’ve figured out the park doesn’t run all the way to the end of 14th like i thought, for some reason. whups! Still wondering re: why 62nd. (64th above was a typo *blush*)

  4. Thank-you for your comments to this post and a heartfelt thank-you to the over 70 positive responses to our letter of support. We will be sharing your stories in an upcoming post along with details of the application.

    In response to the question, “Why NW 62nd and not NW 64th?”, here’s why:

    1. The median at NW 64th is pulled back far enough to the North that it won’t be useful for a crosswalk. This might make the construction more expensive because it would need to be at least partially demolished to extend it out far enough to be a refuge.

    2. There is a large manhole cover where the crosswalk would be at NW 64th. Relocating the manhole could be a challenge. NW 62nd has a manhole, but it’s off to the side and out of the way, similar to NW 58th.

    3. A crosswalk at NW 62nd would bookend the future 14th Ave NW Park Blvd which would provide safe access to the Park from the North and provide a link to the future Ballard Greenway at NW 58th.

    The EBCA is in the application stage for funding, no design work has been done. All input we have received will be shared with the City in our application. After we submit our application, The Ballard District Council will then review all Ballard applicants and select their top 3 projects. For the complete timeline, please visit the City’s Bridging the Gap site at