Save your receipts to support East Ballard

I’m happy to announce that you can now help support the east ballard community association by doing something you already do, shop at The Ballard Market! From our early beginnings, The Ballard Market has provided incredible support to the ebca by donating food for our many events and gift certificates for our raffles.

The Ballard Market has now stepped up their support by accepting our application to join their 1% program. To participate, just save up your receipts from the Ballard Market and deliver them to Blowing Sands Glass at 5805 14th Ave NW. Dave and Cindy will have a box at the front desk waiting for you. We’ll add them up and submit them to the Ballard Market, they’ll  write us a check for 1% of the receipts and we’ll start collecting these funds to support our ebca projects and events!

This is a super easy way to help support your community. We’ve made almost $80 so far by just word of mouth, so I’m hoping this post will get you motivated to save and deliver those receipts to make a difference for the East Ballard community!

0 thoughts on “Save your receipts to support East Ballard

  1. That’s why I like Ballard Market – great place to shop.

    1.) How far back can we go? I have receipts from all year, and I’m digging them out.

    2.) Is this an ongoing program or will it end soon?

  2. Hi John,

    We have to start with receipts August 1st or later (they only accept receipts after the date we signed up). This will be an ongoing program with no set end date, woo hoo! If you’re looking for an organization to donate your pre-August receipts, I know Ballard Corners Park has been collecting for awhile, as well as Sustainable Ballard and I also believe Woodland Elementary.

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