Planting Partnerships Project is in FULL Swing – Sign up to volunteer!

I’ve been quiet on these posts this past month, because I’ve been furiously working with our fabulous steering committee to organize the events that are going to be happening along 14th Ave NW this next month in preparation for the installation of 27 planters at the median ends along 14th Ave NW north of Market St. I think I’ll be able to call myself a bonafide project manager after this is all done!

We have a work schedule put together and are ready to get our ducks (I mean volunteers) in a row. Here’s a high level look (note: Subject to change!):

  • Thursday April 1st 8am Planters Pickup & Delivery
    We have 27 planters that are 5′ dia/17″ deep currently sitting at SDOT’s Sunny Jim facility in South Seattle ready for us to pick up. We need BIG trucks, trailers and drivers to help us pick up and deliver! The more volunteers we get for this event, the fewer trips we’ll need to make!
  • Friday April 9th morning Gravel Delivery
    Gravel donated by Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel will be delivered and dropped in the median ends for weed control. We’ll need volunteers to control traffic during delivery.
  • Saturday April 10th morning Gravel Raking
    We’ll need volunteers to help rake and smooth out the gravel. This shouldn’t take very long.
  • New Date: Thursday April 15th morning Planter Placement and Potting Soil Delivery
    We need several strong volunteers to help us move the 50lb planters from a storage area on 14th to their designated locations in the medians. Hand truck donations for the morning would be greatly appreciated!
  • Saturday April 17th 10am-1pm April Day Out Planting and Adopt A Street Cleanup
    This will be a fun event for the whole family! Join your neighbors in helping keep our neighborhood streets clean and beautiful. Admire the new planters and  get your hands dirty by doing a little planting thanks to plants donated by Swanson’s Nursery and neighbors.

Now you’re saying to yourself, this sounds great! These planters are going to make 14th look so much nicer and it’s such a great way to bring the community together, but how can I help?
Here’s what you can do right now:

  1. Pledge to yourself to help out with at least 1 event listed above. Think of it as a good excuse to get outside, engage in civic participation, and find our how much fun it is to work side by side with your neighbors doing a good thing for the community! Beware, it can become addictive!
  2. Email me at and tell me which event(s) you want to participate in. You’ll get put on a contact list for this event to receive more detailed updates as plans evolve.
  3. Keep your pledge by showing up and having fun!

It’s that simple! I know you can do it, because we can’t do this without you!

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