Come show your support for a park boulevard on 14th Ave NW at the Ballard District Council this Wednesday

The east ballard community association was added VERY last minute to this Wednesday’s Ballard District Council Meeting. We will be presenting on the proposed Park Boulevard on 14th Ave NW. The Ballard District Council is open to the public and I encourage anyone who wants to show their support for our project to attend. If you’ve never attended a BDC meeting before, this could be a fun one to be your first.

Ballard Library
5614 22nd Ave. N.W.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
7:00pm – 8:30pm


  • Ballard 2009 – Year in Review
    Photographic record of news and events from last year.
  • City Council Member Sally Bagshaw
    Elected last November, Bagshaw chairs the council’s Parks & Seattle Center and Waterfront Planning Committee. She is vice-chair of the Public Safety & Education Committee and also serves on the council’s committee on built environment.
  • 2010 Federal Census w/ Kenny Pittman – City of Seattle Office of Policy & Management
    How our lives are affected by the census; and how we can help ensure that Ballard is fully counted.
  • A proposed Park Boulevard on 14th Ave NW w/ Dawn Hemminger & Peter Locke
  • 2010 Neighborhood Projects Fund (opportunities to construct small scale transportation and park improvements) w/ Michelle Rosenthal

0 thoughts on “Come show your support for a park boulevard on 14th Ave NW at the Ballard District Council this Wednesday

  1. Keep this in mind. Any decrease in the number of parking spaces on 14th south of Market will push industrial workers out into the residential areas to find parking.

  2. Thanks Ballarddog. We are fully aware of the needs in the industrial area and know that they are very different from those in the residential area. At this time, we are pursuing Parks and Levy Funding to fund a 2 block section of a park boulevard north of Market, in the residential area. When the time comes that there is funding and enough community and business support to implement a park boulevard on 14th south of Market, all implications, including parking will need to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that the needs of the industrial area are met. I encourage you to attend one of our community meetings to share your recommendations and voice your concerns. We’re pursuing a park boulevard, because we’ve had a lot of community interest and support from neighbors who want a park they can go to without having to cross an arterial. Using public right of way for community space is also a creative way to get a park in East Ballard without having to actually purchase any property. All of the funding would go toward development with no acquisition required.

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